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Confessions of a CrossFit Kid: Burpee-loving Pablo

MOMMY JEAN How did you hear about CrossFitKids? From the box coaches What made you want to enroll your child in CrossFitKids? I’m doing CrossFit and aside from the physical and mental benefits, it’s an activity my son and I…

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Fluff to Fit Confessions: The Winning Duo, Friends4Lyf

Names: – Larissa Hernandez – Stephanie Gabaldon Occupations: – Friends4Lyf, box babies Favorite CrossFit movement: – Stretching Least favorite CrossFit movement: – WOD How did you pick each other for the challenge? – Eye contact and our shared love for…

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CrossFit W.O.D.

(Workout of the Day)


MAIN WOD A. Warm up: 5 min ladder drills B. 4 station skills/drills 4 sets of: 40 on/20 off (20 sec rest/transition) a. Lateral high knees over hurdles b. Quick feet on 12” box c. Balance on 1 leg with…